Friday, May 10, 2013

Pulling the Parent Trigger

Crayola Lincoln LogsAn article about one community's experience with parent-trigger laws was posted today by Yasha Levine in Pulling the Parent Trigger: The Push to Privatize Public Schools. Levine details allegations that Parents Revolution, a movement favoring parent choice to change a public school to a privately-run one, used heavy-handed tactics in Adelanto, CA, to convince poor and undocumented parents to sign a parent-trigger petition. The parent-trigger petition got enough signatures to convert the local public elementary school, Desert Trails Elementary, to the first school to be privatized under California's parent trigger law.

In answer to critics of the parent choice movement, T. Willard Fair, CEO of Miami's Urban League, recently wrote an op-ed, Stop blaming poor parents, empower them with school choice. In the Miami Herald, Fair wrote, "I don’t care about the vehicle. I care about the result. And I’ve found the result is much better when parents are allowed to make choices." Fair is a former chair of the Florida State Board of Education.

Photo: Crayola Lincoln Logs, Chris Metcalf/ Creative Commons 2.0

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