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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Race and Hate Crimes

On Monday the FBI published a report concluding that racial prejudice is the most prevalent motive underlying hate crimes. The number of racially-motivated hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2004 numbered 4,042, over half of the 7,649 total reported hate crimes.  In other news, the 2,500 citizens of White Settlement, Texas voted by a 9-1 margin against a measure to change the town's name to something "a little easier to swallow" in order to attract outside investors. [Mark Godsey]

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

9th Circuit: Batson Violation By Waiving Peremptories

The Ninth Circuit held yesterday that a prosecutor violated Batson by refusing to strike jurors with peremptory challenges.   Under the complicated jury selection process in place, the refusal to strike resulted in an identifiable juror being automatically stricken, in this case a Latino juror, the same race as the defendant.   Decision.  [Mark Godsey, hat tip to Robert Gifford]

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

DOJ Study Finds Racial Disparity in Traffic Stops

Actually, the racial disparity was not found to exist in connection with who is stopped, but rather post-stop treatment.  Minorities are substantially more likely to be searched, handcuffed, etc. than whites.  Story . . . [Mark Godsey]

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Toledo CrimProf Harris on NPR

On Monday, HarrisToledo CrimProf David Harris was featured on All Things Considered.  From  "In investigating terrorist attacks, London police have announced they will use racial profiling; other cities, like New York, have said they will not. Michele Norris talks with University of Toledo law professor David Harris about the use of racial profiling to prevent terrorist attacks. Harris argues that racial profiling actually diminishes the effectiveness of finding terrorists."   Listen to Harris here.  [Mark Godsey]


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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hate Crime Investigations

From the "A fire at a Bloomington, (Indiana) mosque early Saturday (July 9) is being investigated as a hate crime by the FBI and members of its Joint Terrorism Task Force.  The incident took place at the Islamic Center of Bloomington, where a ground-floor window was broken and an incendiary device was used to start a fire....A burned Quran, Islam's holy text, was found near the broken window, and fire damage inside the building was limited to a wall....In its 2005 annual report, the [Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C] noted it had received 141 reports of actual or potential violent anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2004, a 52 percent increase from the 93 reports received in 2003." The mosque plans to hold an open house in a couple weeks to invite the Bloomington community to learn more about the mosque, its memebers, and mission. Story...

And speculation of hate crimes in Los Angeles stemming from a series of freeway shootings: From the "Activist Najee Ali (director of Project Islamic Hope) called on Monday (July 11) for the FBI to join the investigation into a series of Southland freeway shootings, saying some of the cases were racially motivated hate crimes (consisting of Latinos shooting African-Americans)...although he did not provide information to back up his allegations.  Law enforcement officials were quick to say they are unaware of a racial motive in the shootings, which began on the Costa Mesa Freeway in Tustin on March 12.  Altogether, four people have died in more than two dozen freeway shootings in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura counties.  LAPD Officer Jason Lee said the investigation into the incidents in the city of Los Angeles is continuing, adding that there is 'no definitive reason to believe these are racially motivated.'" Story... [Mark Godsey]

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Marin County Minorities Allege Discrimination

Marin County, California is consideirng creating a police oversight agency based on numerous reports by minorities of unfair treatment. The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed 30 randomly selected African American residents, of whom 10 reported being stopped and harassed within the last year. [Jack Chin]

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Latinos Extorted by Mississippi Officer

A Mississippi officer was arrested in a sting operation after accepting money to release an undercover officer he had stopped for a traffic offense without charges.  Members of the community said the arrested officer had a reputation for stopping latinos and letting them go for a fee.  Story here. [Jack Chin]

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