But the one thing Morales did not say during the seven-hour recording: that he lied on the witness stand and sent an innocent man to prison in the case of the Washington intern who disappeared in 2001 while dating a married congressman.

The claim that Morales lied came from the woman who recorded him. She identified herself as an actress named Babs Proller and said she secretly recorded Morales on July 11 after meeting him in an Annapolis hotel. She told prosecutors, defense attorneys and the news media that Morales admitted to falsely testifying that former cellmate Ingmar Guandique had confessed to attacking Levy in Rock Creek Park.

. . .

After listening to the recording, prosecutors last week took the extraordinary step of dismissing the murder charges against Guandique, 34, saying they were no longer able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. The U.S. attorney’s office declined to discuss the recording. But Morales’s boastful claims and threats of violence stand in stark contrast to his testimony during the November 2010 trial that he had become a reformed man in prison.