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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Why New York City Created Its Own Fund to Bail People Out of Jail"

From CityLab, via the NACDL news scan:

Whiteside is part of a program that may seem counterintuitive. The Liberty Fund, created by the City of New York, sets free some of the very people that the city’s municipal judges have deemed a flight risk.

. . .

But the fund, which actually relies on money from a private donor for the bail costs, is one of several initiatives by the city to disassemble the bail system from the inside. New York City doesn’t get to make policy about bail—it doesn’t have the authority to decide whether to abolish or reform the criminal courts’ monetary policy for holding people in jail before they face trial. So, instead, the city has created a program that works within a system it wants to eradicate.

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