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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Weijers et al. on Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Crime

Ido WeijersStephanie Rap and Kristien Hepping (Independent, Department of Child Law, Leiden Law School and Independent) have posted Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Crime: The Tradition and Topicality of an Interdisciplinary Approach (Overarching Views of Delinquency and Deviancy. Rethinking the Legacy of the Utrecht School, 2015) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:
Juvenile justice has played a role throughout the history of the Willem Pompe Institute. The intellectual work that has been done in this specific field can be characterized by three typical features: its interdisciplinary nature, its orientation on the practice of criminal law and its orientation on the world of experience. Nowadays, the original, broad interdisciplinary tradition of the Willem Pompe Institute is relatively little known. Actually, there were two well-known ‘Utrecht Schools’ before and after World War II: the small circle of Pompe, Kempe and Baan and their staff, and a much broader Utrecht academic circle. First, this chapter will briefly refer to this intriguing and rarely studied aspect of the genesis of the Willem Pompe Institute and it will show how its intellectual work in the field of juvenile justice must be understood in this context. Then, it will focus on the topicality of an interdisciplinary approach in the study of juvenile justice and juvenile crime and it will sketch the main lines of research that have recently been developed in these fields at the Willem Pompe Institute.

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