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Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Robert McDonnell guilty of 11 corruption counts"

From The Washington Post:

Prosecutors put on a compelling case, showing jurors several instances in which gifts and loans were provided in close proximity to the McDonnells’ efforts to assist Williams and his company. But defense attorneys noted, accurately, that even Williams himself did not describe an explicit, corrupt bargain he had with the governor. And they noted that Williams was testifying with generous immunity agreements, which they said motivated him to lie about his relationship with the McDonnells.

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McDonnell appears to be a deluded, self-righteous, right-wing idiot, and I have no sympathy for him. That said, putting him in prison for decades for acts of corruption that pale in comparison to what occurs routinely, if somewhat more stealthily, in Congress is absurd...and possibly even tyrannical.

His real crime here, and the proximate cause of the draconian prison term he faces, was putting the government to the annoyance of a trial...declining to succumb to its strong-arm attempts to coerce a confession. ie. the trial penalty...which every citizen who chooses to exercise trial rights faces these days.

Welcome, Mr. McDonnell, to the justice system created largely over the past four decades by your fellow right-wing, tough-on-crime Republicans.

Posted by: John K | Sep 6, 2014 7:19:43 AM

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