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Thursday, July 3, 2014

NACDL Report on Restoration of Rights

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has posted this report on SSRN. In part:

Jessica Chiappone could not volunteer at her children’s school because of a conviction that was 15 years in her past. Darrell Langdon needed a dedicated attorney, a sympathetic judge, and media attention to persuade school officials, 25 years after his drug possession conviction, to let him return to his longtime work as a boiler room engineer. Mr. C, a business executive who learned crisis management during his military service, was turned away from volunteer work with the American Red Cross because of a minor fraud conviction. 

These individuals all told their stories to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Task Force on the Restoration of Rights and Status After Conviction, which just published Collateral Damage: America's Failure to Forgive or Forget in the War on Crime - A Roadmap to Restore Rights and Status After Arrest or Conviction. These witnesses described just a few of the approximately 45,000 laws and rules in U.S. jurisdictions that restrict opportunities and benefits in one way or another based upon a conviction (or, in some cases, charges that are dismissed).

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