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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gilad on Child Victims of Crime

Gilad michalMichal Gilad (University of Pennsylvania Law School) has posted The Young and the Helpless: Re-Defining the Term 'Child Victim of Crime' on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Children are the most highly victimized segments of our society. At present, the victimization of children is estimated to be one of the most costly public health and public safety problem is our society. 

Have you asked yourself what is done to resolve this dire situation and to protect our children? 

Despite the proliferation of literature and policy proposals pertinent to childhood victimization, thus far, no significant efforts have been made to design a coherent legal definition to the term ‘child victim of crime’ that is specifically geared towards the distinct developmental needs of this age group, and realistically reflects the unique effect of crime on children.The result of this lacuna is a colossal failure of our legal system to protect the most vulnerable and impressionable group, our children. 

This article provides a comprehensive framework, that bridges theory and practice, to develop an innovative evidence-based legal definition to the term 'child victim of crime'. Implementation of the proposed definition will enable the protection and treatment of millions of children crippled by crime, who currently fall beyond the boundaries of narrow policies designed for adults and unsuitable for children. It will also help improve public safely, and save invaluable public resources.

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