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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goldberg on Recidivism and Addictive Adjustment to Imprisonment

Ili Goldberg (Beit Berl College) has posted Addictive Adjustment to Imprisonment and Recidivism. Addiction to Imprisonment, Addiction to the Criminal Life Style, Addiction to Specific Crime on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Objectives: The research aimed to investigate the ways of adjustment to imprisonment and recidivism. 

Method: 233 adult male prisoners in Israeli prisons completed a series of questionnaires. 

Results: Two ways of adjustment to prison life were identified: (1) addictive adjustment; (2) normative adjustment. Findings indicated that a perception of social affiliation, coping style and the characteristic of codependence correlated with adjustment to imprisonment and recidivism. 

Conclusions: Main contributions to knowledge include: (1) a high and medium level of codependence amongst Israeli prisoners (2) addictive adjustment is a common way of adjustment (3) recidivism is partially due to addiction to imprisonment, addiction to the criminal life style and addiction to a specific crime (sex crime).

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