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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Findley & O'Brien on Cognition, Decision Making, and Wrongful Convictions

Keith A. Findley and Barbara O'Brien (University of Wisconsin Law School and Michigan State University - College of Law) have posted Psychological Perspectives: Cognition and Decision Making (Chapter Three in Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward, Carolina Academic Press, 2014 Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

In this chapter from the forthcoming edited volume entitled, EXAMINING WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS: STEPPING BACK, MOVING FORWARD, we offer an overview of what social and cognitive psychological research can tell us about how people make decisions about investigating, prosecuting, and adjudicating criminal cases. In particular, we examine the factors that can undermine the reliability of the judgments made at each of these stages of the criminal process, and how these phenomena might contribute to wrongful convictions. An impressive body of research exists demonstrating how the ways in which people process and use information can produce errors in the criminal justice system. This research has also taught us a lot about how to improve the accuracy of the system.

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