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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Notes Found in Review of Police Work Could Exonerate 2 Convicted in Killing"

From The New York Times:

A review of homicide convictions stemming from the work of Louis Scarcella, a Brooklyn detective accused of framing suspects, has turned up a stash of old handwritten police notes that could exonerate two men convicted of a murder in 1985. One of the men served 21 years in prison; the other died behind bars.

The notes were in a file tucked away at Police Headquarters and were written by the first detective assigned to the case. They show that two previously undisclosed eyewitnesses saw the September 1985 killing of a man named Ronnie Durant, but they named killers different from the two men who were convicted. The notebook could have affected the verdict; not turning it over to defense lawyers decades ago is a serious violation of the rules of criminal procedure, experts said.

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What a surprise.

Posted by: John K | Apr 9, 2014 5:25:57 AM

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