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Saturday, April 19, 2014

"'Cops' and Suspects' Rights: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Record You?"

This story is at FindLaw. In part:

When the officers on "Cops" arrest most of their suspects, the circumstances leading up to the arrest are out in public. However, in order to avoid unlawfully appropriating the images of those caught on "Cops'" cameras, the crew asks the arrestees to sign a release form.

These waiver or release forms give "Cops" producers permission to show persons caught on camera without blurring out their faces. Suspects may have resisted at first, but once the show became a hit, more than 90 percent of arrestees have signed release forms to have their faces appear on "Cops." Mental_Floss reports that in later seasons, the show has apparently been editing out suspects who didn't release their publicity rights rather than blur their faces.

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