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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Call for Papers for Conference Honoring Andrew Taslitz

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The Taslitz Galaxy: A Gathering of Scholars at Howard


Howard University School of Law is hosting a conference in honor of Andrew Taslitz. It is not a traditional symposium, for we expect concurrent sessions on many subjects. It is open to people who knew Taz and to those who were inspired by his writing or teaching.


If you would like to take part in the live event, please submit an abstract by May 30, 2014 to the co-chairs named below. The conference is free but speakers must pay their own way.


Howard Law Journal is dedicating an issue to Professor Taslitz. If you would like to write a short piece for this issue, let us know when you submit your abstract. First drafts of the paper will be due on August 15, 2014.



  • The Essays will be short, with a maximum of 10,000 words, including footnotes.
  • We are dividing the proposals into two tracks. The first track involves speaking &/or writing on substantive issues. The second track we are calling “The Tao of Taz,” a more personal approach. Both options are explained below.
  • You may suggest a panel for the gathering.
  • You do not need to write an essay – just submit an abstract for a talk.
  • If you want to write as well as speak, just state this on your abstract.


  1. Substantive Topics

Note that your talk may be based on something Taslitz wrote or you may simply incorporate one of his ideas into a new area.

1)    Criminal Procedure/Criminal Law

2)    Race, Gender, and/or Inequality

3)    Animal Rights

4)    Teaching Ideas

5)    Law & __ (aka Social Science in Law)

6)    Evidence

7)    Originalism Reinterpreted (Through the Civil Rights Amendments)

8)    Teaching (aka Pedagogy)


II. “The Tao of Taz”

Every language, culture, and religion has words that convey more than one simple idea. Even though such words often have several layers of meaning, there seems to never be confusion as to what is being said.  However, if you were to ask a dozen people to explain, e.g., “love,” “happiness,” or “success,” you'll likely hear a dozen different definitions or descriptions. The same is true of the Chinese word "Tao," which is often translated as "way" or "path." Although there are many definitions of Tao, there is also an overarching understanding that it communicates an entire philosophy, i.e., an outlook on the fundamental nature of life and The Universe. For example, early Taoist philosophers were heavily influenced by nature and determined that everything has a complementary opposite and can only be understood by comparing it to its opposite. Day is only day in relation to night; cold is so only in relation to heat; soft is only soft in relation to hard. By observing nature’s processes, The Taoist can come to some understanding about the meaning of our lives and about our place in the world, as all things are interdependent. This panel will endeavor to explain “The Tao of Taz.”



  • Abstracts Due: May 30, 2014.

(Let us know on your submission if you are interested in publishing with the Howard Law Journal)

(Abstracts are short – 250 to 300 words)

(We will get back to you by mid-June, 2014)

  • Essay Submissions of First Draft Due: August 15, 2014.
  • Conference at Howard Law –Friday September 19, 2014


Send to co-chairs:

Josephine Ross

Lenese Herbert

Ellen Podgor

For those interested in publishing, please cc:

Cadene Russell

(Editor-in-Chief Howard Law Journal)

Ade Johnson

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