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Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Utah is a hotbed of police reform"

From The Washington Post:

First, a search warrant reform bill has passed both houses of the Utah legislature and will now go to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. As I explained in this post, the bill isn’t quite as bold as was initially planned. Connor Boyack, the head of the state libertarian think tankLibertas Instistute who pushed for the bill, initially planned to limit forcible entry by police to only those situations in which a violent crime was being committed or was about to be committed. Still, the bill does put some restrictions on how “dynamic entry” tactics are used. It’s a step in the right direction.

Second, a transparency bill that would require all of the state’s police agencies with a SWAT team to report on how often and for what purpose those SWAT teams are used passed the Utah House unanimously, the Utah Senate by a vote of 22-2. That too will now go to Herbert for his signature. Currently, only Maryland has a similar bill in place.

Finally, Boyack’s group is also pushing a bill that would require a warrant before police could search the contents of a cell phone, including bulk collection through technologieslike the “Stingray.”

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