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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Unique skill set helps save man from death row"


As D'Ambrosio languished on death row during the appeal process, Kookoothe agreed to look at his case. The priest saw a red flag, informed by his medical training.

He was stunned to learn that Klann's knife wounds were inconsistent with Espinoza's story that Klann screamed after his throat was cut.

. . .

Kookoothe got a local newspaper reporter, Martin Kuz, interested in the case. Klann's father told Kuz that, shortly before his son's death, Klann had been subpoenaed in a rape case. Kuz told Kookoothe what he had learned.

That's when Kookoothe's legal training came in handy.

Kookoothe pored through case files looking for information about the rape case. His search revealed a stunning fact: the man accused in the rape case for which Klann had been subpoenaed to testify was Paul "Stoney" Lewis, the same man Espinoza said they were looking for the night of the murder.

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