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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Top-Ten Recent SSRN Downloads

Ssrn logoin criminal law and procedure ejournals are here. The usual disclaimers apply.

RankDownloadsPaper Title
1 280 Removal Defense and Florida Drug Crimes: Applying the Categorical Approach 
Rebecca A. Sharpless 
University of Miami - School of Law 
Date posted to database: 11 Jan 2014 [3rd last week]
2 268 The Trial of Dorian Gray 
Simon Stern 
University of Toronto - Faculty of Law 
Date posted to database: 4 Jan 2014 [4th last week]
3 200 Death Row Confessions and the Last Meal Test of Innocence 
Kevin M. Kniffin and Brian Wansink 
Cornell University - Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and Cornell University 
Date posted to database: 31 Dec 2013 [6th last week]
4 192 Bias in the Shadows of Criminal Law: The Problem of Implicit White Favoritism 
Robert J. SmithJustin D. Levinsonand Zoe Robinson 
University of North Carolina School of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa - William S. Richardson School of Law and DePaul University College of Law 
Date posted to database: 27 Jan 2014 [8th last week]
5 191 The Fourth Amendment in the October 2012 Term 
Brooks Holland 
Gonzaga University School of Law 
Date posted to database: 12 Jan 2014 [7th last week]
6 190 The Illusory Eighth Amendment 
John F. Stinneford 
University of Florida Levin College of Law 
Date posted to database: 7 Feb 2014 [9th last week]
7 188 Intellectual Property and the Presumption of Innocence 
Irina D. Manta 
Hofstra University - Maurice A. Deane School of Law 
Date posted to database: 5 Feb 2014 [10th last week]
8 159 Questions of Justice and Law Raised When an Employee Benefits Plan Beneficiary Strangles His Grandmother, the Participant, to Death 
Albert Feuer 
Law Offices of Albert Feuer 
Date posted to database: 30 Dec 2013 [new to top ten]
9 163 Willful Blindness, Plausible Deniability and Tippee Liability: SAC, Steven Cohen, and the Court's Opinion in Dirks 
Joan MacLeod Heminway 
University of Tennessee College of Law 
Date posted to database: 9 Feb 2014 [new to top ten]
10 167 'A Stick to Hit the Accused With': The Legal Recharacterization of Facts under Regulation 55 
Kevin Jon Heller 
SOAS, University of London 
Date posted to database: 22 Dec 2013 [new to top ten]

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