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Friday, January 3, 2014

"Bratton Takes Helm of Police Force He Pledged to Change"

From The New York Times:

In his first policy message to the city and the police force he now commands, Mr. Bratton said that the tremendous strides the department had made in reducing crime should long ago have given way to fewer confrontational encounters between the police and the public.

. . .

Mr. Bratton outlined in the most concrete terms to date how his crime-fighting strategies would differ from those of his predecessor. He singled out Operation Impact, Mr. Kelly’s signature program, which involved sending rookie officers to high-crime neighborhoods to seek out suspicious behavior and confront it. The program led to a soaring number of recorded street stops and angered some residents of neighborhoods such as Brownsville, Brooklyn, who complained of a dragnet approach, particularly in public housing. “The former commissioner, his opinion was that stop, question and frisk and Operation Impact were the way to go,” Mr. Bratton said. “It really is a difference of opinion.”

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