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Monday, July 29, 2013

Carson on Restoring Law in Comparative Law and Economics

Lindsey D. Carson (University of Toronto Faculty of Law) has posted Restoring Law in Comparative Law and Economics on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

This article examines the explanatory potential and limitations of the use of economic models and quantitative analytic techniques in comparative law. It suggests that the incorporation of comprehensive, rigorous legal analysis in both the design of empirical models and the interpretation of quantitative results can improve the accuracy of descriptive and prescriptive conclusions by addressing concerns related to variable selection; data selection, collection, and coding; the robustness of causal claims; and appreciation (or lack thereof) for the complex roles and functions of laws and their interactions with social norms and other institutions. This article argues that, while large-scale quantitative research methods can provide valuable information to inform policy decisions and strategies, the limitations of their explanatory and predictive powers must be acknowledged and tempered by context-specific, nuanced analysis of legal rules and systems, especially when guiding reform efforts within and across countries.

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Acharya on Semantic Searches

Athul K. Acharya has posted Semantic Searches (Duke Law Journal, Forthcoming) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Courts and commentators have struggled with the problem of cabining digital searches while still allowing law enforcement sufficient latitude to be efficient and effective. Many solutions have been bandied about, including abandoning the plain view doctrine in the digital realm and requiring a search protocol in the warrant.

This Note examines the current proposals before proposing a solution of its own. The root of the problem with digital searches is that such searches have been wholly lacking in the constitutional requirement of particularity in the warrant. But the difficulty is in adequately describing, ex ante, 'where' to search within a corpus of seized data.

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Top-Ten Recent SSRN Downloads

Ssrn logoin criminal law and procedure ejournals are here. The usual disclaimers apply.

Rank    Downloads    Paper Title

1        839    Privacy Protests: Surveillance Evasion and Fourth Amendment Suspicion 
Elizabeth E. Joh, U.C. Davis School of Law, 
Date posted to database: June 26, 2013 

2        471    Safeguarding the Commander's Authority to Review the Findings of a Court-Martial 
Andrew S. Williams, Brigham Young University, 
Date posted to database: June 9, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3        279    Administrative Segregation, Degrees of Isolation, and Incarceration: A National Overview of State and Federal Correctional Policies 
Judith ResnikJamelia MorganAlyssa Roxanne WorkJulia SpiegelHope MetcalfHaran TaeSamuel Oliker-FriedlandBrian Holbrook
Yale Law School, Independent, Independent, Yale University - Law School, Independent, Yale Law School, Independent, Independent, 
Date posted to database: July 1, 2013

4        220    Experiments in International Criminal Justice: Lessons from the Khmer Rouge Tribunal 
John D. CiorciariAnne Heindel
University of Michigan - Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, Documentation Center of Cambodia, 
Date posted to database: May 26, 2013 

5        198    A Daubert Analysis of Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome — Part II: An Examination of the Differential Diagnosis 
Sandeep K. NarangJohn David MelvilleChristopher S. Greeley,Shannon L. CarpenterBetty Spivack,James D. Anderst
University of Texas at San Antonio - Health Science Center, UTHSCSA, UTHSC-Houston, Children's Mercy Hospital, Children's Mercy Hospital, Unaffiliated Authors - Independent, 
Date posted to database: July 4, 2013

6        179    Seven Ways Neuroscience Aids Law 
Owen D. Jones
Vanderbilt University - Law School & Dept. of Biological Sciences, 
Date posted to database: June 19, 2013 [10th last week]

7        167    The Impact of Neuroimages in the Sentencing Phase of Capital Trials
Michael J. SaksN. J. SchweitzerEyal AharoniKent Kiehl
Arizona State University (ASU) - Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University, University of California, Santa Barbara - Department of Psychology, University of New Mexico, 
Date posted to database: June 6, 2013 [8th last week]

8        159    Should Law Improve Morality? 
Leslie Green
University of Oxford - Faculty of Law, 
Date posted to database: July 18, 2013 [new to top ten]

9        159    Judicial Gatekeeping of Suspect Evidence: Due Process and Evidentiary Rules in the Age of Innocence 
Keith A. Findley
University of Wisconsin Law School, 
Date posted to database: June 4, 2013 [6th last week]

10        139    Libertarian Paternalism, Path Dependence, and Temporary Law 
Richard H. McAdamsTom Ginsburg,Jonathan S. Masur
University of Chicago Law School, University of Chicago - Law School, University of Chicago Law School, 
Date posted to database: June 19, 2013 [7th last week]

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