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Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Vowing to Slay the (Already Subdued) Stop-and-Frisk Dragon"

From The New York Times:

In announcing that William J. Bratton would be the police commissioner come January, Mr. de Blasio promised that he would succeed in changing stop-and-frisk policing, an area in which, he claimed, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration had failed. “There was no meaningful response from City Hall,” he said.

. . .

In October, about 3,000 people were stopped, which would be an annual rate of 36,000 — about a twentieth of what it was in 2011. Still, the mayor-elect, and his police-commissioner-designate, remained passionate about ending a practice that is pretty much over with. Mr. Bratton promised he would make quick work of it.

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