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Monday, November 4, 2013

Klein on Juveniles and Miranda, Effective Assistance, and Habeas Corpus

Klein richard danielRichard Daniel Klein (Touro College - Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center) has posted New Paths for the Court: Protections Afforded Juveniles Under Miranda, Effective Assistance of Counsel, and Habeas Corpus Decisions of the Supreme Court's 2010/2011 Term (28 Touro L. Rev. 2 (2012)) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

During the 2010/2011 Term, the Supreme Court continued to engage in two of the trends that have been established over the past couple of decades: first, that the Court treats juveniles differently than adults, and, second, that the Court seeks to limit federal review of state convictions, especially in cases involving claims of ineffective assistance of counsel and habeas corpus. In the cases of this Term, the Court reemphasized its previous holdings and sought to expound upon them to provide clearer guidance to the federal judiciary to utilize in its review of state court decisions relating to the validity of a criminal conviction.

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