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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bradford et al. on Officers as Mirrors

Ben Bradford Kristina Murphy and Jonathan Jackson (University of Oxford - Centre for Criminology , Griffith University and London School of Economics & Political Science: Department of Methodology) have posted Officers as Mirrors: Policing, Procedural Justice and the (Re)Production of Social Identity on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

People’s encounters with the criminal justice system can powerfully shape both their sense of self and their sense of belonging. In this paper we focus on the effect experiences of policing may have on people’s identities. A representative panel survey of Australians provides the most convincing evidence yet that social identity (here, identifying oneself as a ‘law-abiding Australian’) is an important mechanism linking procedural justice to police legitimacy. When people feel fairly treated, their sense of identification with the group the police represent seems to be enhanced, strengthening police legitimacy as a result; but unfair treatment, which indicates to people that they do not belong, may undermine such identification and damage police legitimacy.

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