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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Jury Selection Reaches Final Stages in Trayvon Martin Murder Case"

From the New York Times. In part:

The woman who believed “the more guns the better” was out. So was the bearded guitarist who claimed to have no opinion on the case — until the judge confronted him for writing a Facebook posting suggesting the local police department was not just corrupt, but in need of an enema.

. . .

[U]nusual are the attributes that the prosecution and defense are likely to be seeking in jurors. Conservative-leaning jurors who favor law enforcement are generally what prosecutors seek, while the defense often looks for those who skew liberal. But not in this case, which is testing Mr. Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense and spotlighting Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. That law has not been invoked in this case, but was cited by the Sanford police as the reason officers did not initially arrest Mr. Zimmerman.

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