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Thursday, October 18, 2012

"A Town Abuzz Over Prostitution and a Client List"

From The New York Times:

For more than a year, the police have been investigating reports that the local Zumba instructor was using her exercise studio on a quaint downtown street for more than fitness training. In fact, the police say, she was running a one-woman brothel with up to 150 clients and secretly videotaping them as they engaged in intimate acts.

. . .

The case is somewhat complicated. The police say that by videotaping her clients, Alexis Wright, 29, the Zumba instructor, invaded their privacy and that the clients, in addition to being suspected perpetrators, are also thus victims.

That led to a convoluted court ruling that the names of the clients would be released but without further identifying information, like their addresses or dates of birth.

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