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Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Informants as Pawns in the War on Drugs"

This post is at Talk Left, discussing inter alia an article at The New Yorker and another from The New York Times Magazine.

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This article touches on a lil nasty method of judicial corruption which could not exist if not for being condoned by the very entities charged with overseeing the judicial process. Judges’. Some may feel the need to defend the practice and doing so will be in vein unless of course done in the presence of others that share the same morbid attitude. Some will want you to believe they only target the black communities and they are 100% wrong due to the fact that they don’t.

This variation of methodical profiling goes way back to the 50’s & 60’s when they used informants to cleanse the streets of those considered as riff-raff, folks with long hair, homeless veterans, and anyone that wasn’t affiliated with a church congregation. Who is exactly to blame? American citizens of voting age that vote just to be voting. This syndrome is curable, therefore we as a people don’t have to wait until the guilty parties all die off to make way for a new way of thinking and living in a world that has declared “War” on citizens that use or have access to a sub-section drugs.

September 6, 2012, BET aired - “American Violet”, a story about the drugs raids of Melody, Texas in 2001. To my surprise the very first thing I see on the 7th is this CrimProf Blog topic. If you haven’t seen the show, please consider it, for it’ll open your eyes to the blatant use of judicial corruption in the “Great State of Confusion” AKA: Texas & go hand in hand with this article.
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