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Monday, November 28, 2011

Forman and Domenici on Connecting Juvenile Justice and Education Reform

Forman, James - Yale University SoLJames Forman Jr. (Yale University - Law School, pictured) and David Domenici have posted What it Takes to Transform a School Inside a Juvenile Facility: The Story of the Maya Angelou Academy (Justice for Kids: Keeping Kids Out of the Juvenile Justice System, Nancy Dowd, ed., NYU Press, 2011) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

The inadequate state of education in juvenile and adult correctional facilities is well-documented. Stories of failure and neglect abound. Success stories, by contrast, are rare. In this Article, we describe the successful transformation of the school inside Washington D.C.’s juvenile detention facility. In so doing, we argue that schools in detention facilities remain inadequate in part because the education and juvenile justice reform movements are disconnected from each other. Education reformers doubt that techniques that have proven successful in schools in the community will work in a correctional setting. Juvenile justice advocates, especially in recent years, have focused on reducing the number of children who are locked up, rather than with developing quality schools for those who remain behind bars. Both groups, we argue, should expand their vision. We use Washington D.C.’s transformation to suggest that, if they do, significant reform is possible.

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