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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

International Wrongful Conviction Conference April 7-10 at Cincinnati

Innocence network From the website for the conference:

The Innocence Network and the Ohio Innocence Project at the University of Cincinnati College of Law will host the first-ever conference dedicated to exploring the phenomenon of wrongful conviction of the innocent in the international arena.  This groundbreaking event will take place at the Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati, a beautiful facility on the Ohio River dedicated to promoting freedom around the world and telling the stories of freedom’s heroes.  The objective of the conference will be to bring selected scholars, lawyers and exonerees from around the world together in one place to interact and learn from one another.  The hope is that the conference will initiate the process of galvanizing the innocence movement into a unified international human rights movement.

A list of some of the topics to be covered follows the jump.


 ·         NAS Report Aftermath: Litigation and Education Update

 ·         Exoneree Meet and Greet with Guest Inspirational Speaker

 ·         International Perspectives on the Adversarial and Inquisitorial  Systems of Justice:  The Roles of Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and the Impact of System Structure on Wrongful Convictions

 ·         How to Start an Innocence Network Organization

 ·         Case Screening: Non-DNA Cases

 ·         Financial Planning After Compensation:  Blessings and Pitfalls

 ·         Introduction to Post-Conviction DNA Testing

 ·         Judicial Perspectives on DNA Testing Requests and Actual Innocence Claims

 ·         How Innocence Network Organizations Can Better Help Their Clients after Release

 ·         The Potential Role of International Human Rights Laws and NGOs in  Fighting Wrongful Convictions and Furthering the Innocence Movement Globally

 ·         International Wrongful Conviction Experiences:  Exonerees from  England, Japan, Mexico and Nicaragua Share their Stories

 ·         How to Handle Case Failures Professionally and Personally (Closed;  Advanced Sign-Up Required)

 ·         Investigation Techniques

 ·         Juror Study

 ·         Media Training (Closed Session; Advanced Sign-Up Required)

 ·         Federal Habeas Corpus:  Timelines and Pitfalls

 ·         Discussion on Successes and Challenges of Starting an Innocence Network Project Outside of U.S.

 ·         Case Screening:  Using DNA in Complicated Cases

 ·         Dealing with Sleepless Nights:  Handling the Stress of Innocence  Work (Closed Session; Advanced Sign-Up Required)

 ·         Dealing With Wrongful Conviction and Release:  A Psychiatric Perspective

 ·         Policy Reform Presentation from IP Policy Department to International Guests; Q&A

 ·         Advanced Topics in DNA

 ·         Scholar’s Workshop

 ·         What Can the Network Do to Assist Innocence Efforts Outside the  U.S.?:  International Delegates and Board of Directors Meet to Discuss Cooperation and Networking Going Forward

 ·         Plenary Update and Training (Ethics and Best Practices, Membership, and Training on the  New Intranet Site)

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I would like to attend this conference. Do I have to be invited?

Posted by: Allison Cotton | Feb 1, 2011 6:08:05 PM

With the help of the innocence project northwest Alan Northrop was freed after 17 years of wrongful incarceration. Ironically less than a year later his former cell mate Jerry Wiatt had his convictions vacated due to numerous violations. He too thanks the innocence project for following his case. Most individuals who are wrongfully convicted cannot afford lawyers like Wiatt. Mr. Wiatt used 9 lawyers since pre-trial and lawyers bills exceeded $500,000! Both Wiatt and Northrop plan on pursuing compensation. As of yet Washington does not have compensation for wrongfully convcited individuals. There is a bill in the works that would allow for $50,000 per year of wrongfull conviction. Another avenue would be to file a lawsuit based on egregious governmental misconduct.

Posted by: Jerry Wiatt | Feb 3, 2011 6:15:45 PM

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