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Monday, September 20, 2010

"Real-Time Security Cameras Link NYC Subway Hubs"

The New York Times has this A.P. story:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Five hundred cameras installed in three of the city's busiest transit hubs started feeding live images to the police department's high-tech security network Monday and will be monitored in counterterrorism efforts.

. . .

A single high-bandwidth fiber optic network connects the cameras to a police computer system. That allows investigators to set up programs that search for suspicious activity, like an object in one place for a long time. The analytic software also is designed to take video and catalog it according to movements, shapes and colors, so officers can set parameters to search the system for anyone wearing, say, a red jacket.

They can also scroll through footage from any camera in the network going back as long as images are available. The department usually purges the images in 30 days.

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