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Monday, September 20, 2010

"Dashcam video catches officer in lies; 79 cases dropped" links to this story that should be of interest to those who are overly trusting of authority figures.

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This is the latest episode of a continuum in the criminal justice system. Its built on lies. Am I suppose to sit here and believe that the prosecution and judges (most of whom were former prosecutors) have no idea that police officers lie routinely? Just off the top of my head I recall a story in Tulia(?), Texas where several innocent [black] people were incarcerated for drug crimes based on fabricated evidence. As far as I know, the officer who planted and or fabricated evidence is still walking around free while the "system" is somehow unable to remove the wrongfully accused names from law enforcement database. They are waiting to play a game of "gotcha". Hoping that at some time in the future a heretofore wrongfully accused person may in fact be guilty of a crime. In which case they can use that to "justify" the prior wrong. Until the family members of people who are harmed by these acts do like they do in Iraq and send a message when ever innocent people are harmed by the "system", as far as I am concerned, police and prosecutors should pound the American people into the turf with lies and false evidence.

Posted by: Iconoclast | Sep 21, 2010 5:00:08 AM

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