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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Passage of Fair Sentencing Act no guarantee of change"

Jurist has this commentary by Eric Sterling, President of The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation. In part:

For this long-awaited Act to be meaningful, we must see something in the U.S. Attorneys Manual or a memorandum from the Attorney General to the U.S. Attorneys that will change the practices of federal agents and prosecutors in choosing defendants and cases to investigate. My fear is that there will be no change. I believe informants -- those cutting deals and the paid professionals -- will simply change their stories about the quantities that were involved. Or perhaps agents will simply direct that there be another controlled buy or two. The egregious racial disparity among defendants will not change unless Justice changes its policies. We will not know if this law has any positive effect until the U.S. Sentencing Commission issues its FY 2011 report federal sentences.

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