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Friday, February 5, 2010

"Jackson’s Doctor to Face Charges Monday"

The New York Times article is here. There has been considerable speculation about the charges (involuntary manslaughter seems to be the most-mentioned possibility), but here's the really important stuff:

Early this week, trailed by paparazzi, Dr. Murray, who has offices in Houston and Las Vegas, arrived in Los Angeles and met with his lawyers, raising speculation that charges were imminent.

What ensued, however, was a steady dribble of anonymous sources from the Los Angeles Police Department and the office of District Attorney Steve Cooley airing differences to news outlets over how Dr. Murray should be arrested. The police, it was said, wanted to put the handcuffs on and take him to court.

The district attorney, their leakers said, sought to negotiate with Dr. Murray’s lawyers over arriving at a courthouse with his lawyers and proceeding to a courtroom, preferably not in jail clothes or chains since he had no criminal record and others facing felony charges have been afforded that option.

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