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Saturday, February 13, 2010

"A Blue-Ribbon Look at Criminal Justice"

The New York Times editorial supporting the bill to form this commission is here. In part:

Among the issues the commission would study is why the United States has the highest reported incarceration rate in the world. Prisons are filled with a large number of nonviolent offenders, including minor drug offenders. In many cases, it would be more humane, economical and effective to provide drug treatment and mental health alternatives.

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I question why you call some entity a "Blue Ribbon".
There is a no brainer here. Blue ribbon suggests that there is an intellectual problem. Americans are mean. Know what I mean Vern? That is why they vote into office jerks who pass laws to put the lame and mean folks into prison forever.

A blue ribbon commission will report out a blue ribbon recommendation which will be blue ribboned to death on its very day of issuance.

Posted by: mpb | Feb 14, 2010 2:49:21 AM

Another study ? God help us . Let the records speak for them selves.
The reason so many are in jail ,is simply money.Follow the trail,to who gets the money and how many of these correctional institutions are privately owned, by guess who ? As far as the inmates,the trail on money to care and feed ,comes from loved ones. From Books or anything to educate or stimulate the mind ,has to be ordered online and sent .Then is taken away for any reason they deside.
How many correctional institutions have any classes to better inmates ? Do a
study on this as well.

Posted by: Joy Campa | Feb 14, 2010 3:55:48 PM

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