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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Polanski Urges Judge to Sentence Him in Absentia"

The New York Times article is here:

The judge, Peter P. Espinoza, received the written request in an afternoon court session here, and scheduled a Jan. 22 hearing to review it.

. . .

In a December ruling, a panel of appellate court justices suggested that Mr. Polanski’s sentencing could occur while he was being held in Switzerland.

. . .

But the appeals court justices also urged the district attorney to conduct an internal review of the misconduct accusations, which, they said, could be serious enough to merit a prosecutor’s motion to end the case.

The justices had also suggested that Mr. Polanski could be sentenced in absentia. If the ultimate sentence were no more severe than the 90-day prison term once considered by the original judge, who has since died, Mr. Polanski might not qualify for extradition from Switzerland under its treaty with the United States, his lawyers have argued.

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