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Friday, December 18, 2009

Schehr on Law School Pedagogy

Schehr robert Robert Carl Schehr (Northern Arizona-Criminology and Criminal Justice) has posted 'The Lord Speaks Through Me': Moving Beyond Conventional Law School Pedagogy and the Reasons for Doing So (International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, pp. 9-47, July 2009) on SSRN. Here is the abstract:

Maintenance of status quo law school curricular design and delivery, along with the continued marginalization of live client clinic programs, and the discordant objectives of law schools as compared to the expectations of Bar passage, serve to stifle the role of juridic practitioners in the service of justice. Decades of careful scholarship regarding the problems associated with the quality of legal education have repeatedly called for curricular revisions that should enhance the knowledge and skill base of graduates, develop their level of preparedness to actually serve in the profession, and demonstrate care for students. And while there has been a commitment on behalf of law schools to establish experiential educational opportunities through participation in live client clinics, far too often these clinics appear as appendages to the core curriculum and are marginalized as a result. This essay has two objectives - to address the serious and well-known shortcomings associated with law school pedagogy, and to stimulate consideration of alternate pedagogical methods that draw upon student development theory to enhance what education scholars know about cognition.

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