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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Works-in-Progress and Book Panels at Law and Society Association Meeting May 27-30 in Chicago

Dan Markel (Florida State) and Alice Ristroph (Seton Hall, visiting at Georgetown) are organizing multiple panel discussions for the event. In addition to article-length works, recently published monographs.and book-length manuscripts will be considered. Deadline for submission of book-length manuscripts is November 10; for articles, November 25. Details below.

From an email sent by Dan to the CrimProf listserv yesterday, republished here at his request:

If you're thinking of attending the Law and Society Association meeting in Chicago (May 27-30, 2010), here's an idea that may be of interest.  With hopes of ensuring better criminal law and procedure-related panels, Alice Ristroph (SHU, visiting at Georgetown) and I are going to reprise our role as match-maker for those interested in present at LSA.

We did this last year and created a successful 8 panel mini-conference, primarily with younger scholars in the fray. This year, we thought we'd open up the invitation to *all* North American criminal law/procedure professors. One advantage of our organizing these panels in advance is that they will be scheduled to minimize conflicts between panels; also, if there is a date or day you *cannot* present, let us know that as well please.

These panels, however, are for works in progress, and, additionally, they require some extra work on your part, work which we hope makes the presentation experience more enjoyable. Thus, the expectation is that you will submit your paper to your 2-3 co-panelists at least a week in advance of the conference and that you will read the papers of your co-panelists and make a good faith effort to offer some constructive feedback, before or at least during the panel sessions. The papers you present should be substantially pre-publication so that the feedback you receive will conceivably be helpful...

We will also try to generate some book-related discussions. Thus, if you're the author of a recently published crim monograph, or if you have a draft of a book length monograph that you'd like to serve as the basis for discussion before it goes to publication, let us know and we'll try to find some discussants for you. If you're interested in being a discussant, let us know for what areas.

Bear in mind the limitations on multiple presentations established by LSA. See here:

In sum, if you want to present something related to criminal law and would like help finding panel-mates, send me [markel (at)] and Alice your title (and topic, if it's not clear from the title).  We'll try to match up related papers to create complete panels.  We need to receive the paper topics for regular panels at the latest by Nov 25th, in order to match up panels before December 8, the LSA conference submission deadline. For the book-generated discussions, please let us know by November 10th, so we have extra time to ferret out potential discussants.

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