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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today's Criminal Law and Procedure Cert Grants

From ScotusBlog:

  • Skilling v. U.S. (08-1394): claiming "that 'searing media attacks' on longtime Enron executive Jeffrey K. Skilling tainted his criminal trial and conviction on various fraud charges." The case "also raises an issue on the scope of the federal law punishing the failure to provide “honest services” as a corporate executive."
  • U.S. v. Marcus (08-1341): raising " the scope of federal appeals courts’ authority to overturn a conviction that may have been based in part on conduct that was not criminal when it occurred"
  • Holland v. Florida (09-5327): "whether 'gross negligence[]' by a defense attorney in a death penalty case provides a basis for extending the time to file a federal habeas challenge"


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