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Friday, October 9, 2009

"New Orleans Police Face Swarm of Inquiries"

The New York Times article focusing on the federal investigation of post-Katrina conduct is here. Among the more interesting passages:

Many residents are skeptical of efforts to re-examine the actions of anyone who responded to the anarchy of the flood, much as they have been to the questioning of doctors who may have played a role in the deaths of at least 17 patients at Memorial Medical Center here.

The circumstances were traumatic, skeptics say, and the city faces too many grave problems — a crowded crime blotter, a lack of medical facilities, thousands of blighted houses — to focus on the first responders, especially those who stayed to help, in the days after the storm.

“I don’t sense a lot of enthusiasm down here,” Peter Scharf, a criminologist at Tulane University in New Orleans, said of the investigation into the Danziger Bridge shooting. “What’s the endpoint of all this? Is this the best use of prosecutorial resources?”

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