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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rittossa & Palalic with the Croatian Perspective on Secondary Victimisation of Sexually Abused Children

Sexual crimes against children have been considered as one of the heaviest crimes in general. Once the crime is discovered, there is a strong need not to acknowledge the incident. According to the scientific researchers, fear of child secondary victimisation can prevent parents and guardians from reporting the crime. Having this in mind, the aim of this paper is to research the incidence of the heaviest sexual crimes against children in Croatia in the last 15 years, to detect statistical deviations and see whether the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedural Code Amendments could have influenced such oscillations. A special attention will be given to the provisions of the final version of 2008 Criminal Procedural Code Bill governing new methods to suppress child secondary victimisation. Proposed solutions will be evaluated according to the analysis of the Supreme Court and three county courts SAC cases in the period of 1993-2005.
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