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Friday, September 4, 2009

Featured Download: Logan on Criminal Registration and Community Notification Laws

Logan wayne

Wayne A. Logan  (Florida State University College of Law) has posted the preface to his new book from Stanford University Press, Knowledge as Power: Criminal Registration and Community Notification Laws in America, on SSRN. The book is the first extended treatment of registration and community notification laws.

Here is the abstract:

Societies have long been concerned about the criminal threat posed by potentially dangerous individuals in their midst. America is surely no exception. Knowledge as Power traces the evolution of a particular strategy intended to address this anxiety - criminal registration and community notification laws.

While their European origins extend back to at least the eighteenth century, America’s criminal registration laws took shape in the 1930s as a means of monitoring gangsters, thereafter experienced an extended period of desuetude and then a dramatic resurgence in the 1990s, when they were complemented by community notification laws. Today, the laws collectively function much as "Wanted" posters did in the Frontier West, publicly disclosing registrants' identifying information, involving not just law enforcement but also entire communities in the criminal monitoring process.

Knowledge as Power provides the first in-depth history and analysis of criminal registration and community notification laws, examining the forces driving their rapid nationwide proliferation, as well as how the laws have fundamentally affected American society. The book’s Introduction is posted here. Other contents include: Historical Antecedents; Early Laws: 1930-1990; Modern Laws: 1990-Today; Social and Political Catalysts; Effects and Consequences; Law, Privacy, and Governance; Prospects for the Future; and Conclusion.

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I have not read Mr. Logan's book. I plan to ASAP! What I found very interesting about Florida's Registration policy is from a paper introduced in 1998, by Donna M. Uzzell. As Mr. Logan states there are now 39,000 sex offender registrants in Florida, it will be interesting to see if he included the following information in his book. I suppose Florida's idea of criminal justice is to utilizes the registry as a "HIT LIST", even to this day.

National Conference on Sex Offender Registries
April 1998, NCJ-168965

By DONNA M. UZZELL, Director, Criminal Justice Information Systems:
Full Report:

Sexual Predator notification:

Excerpts: Under our old law, when we had a stricter interpretation of the

term "sex predator" based on the commission of the offense, we

only had 300 to 400 people in our registry. As of October 1,

1997, with the expansion of the law to include sex offenders who

have committed a broader range of offenses, there will be 10,000

offenders in the community under supervision and 7,000 who will

be incarcerated as of that date.

New initiatives:

Excerpts: Florida also has a service called automated warrant

notification. This system notifies authorities any time a

warrant is issued for a sexual predator or a sexual offender.

The warrant is turned over to law enforcement agents, who

conduct a fugitive apprehension of the sexual predator. We do

not care whether the warrant was issued because of a violent

offense, a violation of probation or a misdemeanor. We know the

warrant provides the opportunity to get the offender off the


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