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Monday, August 17, 2009

Top Ten Recent Criminal Law and Procedure Downloads

Ssrn logo CrimProf understands that manuscript downloads are not dispositive of manuscript quality, but downloads do provide some information about interest in recent drafts, and so here are the manuscripts most often downloaded from SSRN within the last 60 days.

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 199 Unwitting Sanctions: Understanding Anti-Bribery Legislation as Economic Sanctions against Emerging Markets
Andrew Brady Spalding,
University of Mumbai (Bombay),
2 135 Minds, Brains, and Norms
Michael S. Pardo, Dennis Patterson,
University of Alabama School of Law, Rutgers University School of Law, Camden,
3 112 Culture, Cognition, and Consent: Who Perceives What, and Why, in 'Acquaintance Rape' Cases
Dan M. Kahan,
Yale University - Law School,
4 97 The Prosecutor as Regulatory Agency
Rachel E. Barkow,
New York University - School of Law,
5 81 A Recipe for Bias: An Empirical Look at the Interplay between Institutional Incentives and Bounded Rationality in Prosecutorial Decision Making
Barbara O'Brien,
Michigan State University - College of Law,
6 77 The Unexceptionalism of Evolving Standards
Corinna Lain,
University of Richmond - School of Law,
7 75 Neoliberal Penality: A Brief Genealogy
Bernard E. Harcourt,
University of Chicago - Law School,
8 74 Post-Racial Racism: Crime Control and Racial Stratification in the Age of Obama
Ian F. Haney-Lopez,
UC Berkeley School of Law,
9 71 Defending 'Terrorism': Justifications and Excuses for Terrorism in International Criminal Law
Ben Saul,
University of Sydney - Faculty of Law,
10 71 Imagining the International Community: The Constitutive Dimension of Universal Jurisdiction
Adeno Addis,
Tulane University - School of Law, 

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