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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cops Target L.A. Gangs' 'Shot Callers'

Los Angeles is the most gang-saturated city per capita in the world.

In the nine square miles that make up Los Angeles' Watts neighborhood alone, there are 65 different gangs and roughly 15,000 hardcore gang members. If you are a cop working the streets of Los Angeles, most of the calls you respond to are gang-related.

Gangs have been a problem in Los Angeles for generations now, but they weren't as lethal in the past. It used to be that gangs were more concerned about tagging and turf than committing crimes. Now gangs are more like criminal syndicates — like the mafia. And law enforcement is changing its techniques to break them up. [Mark Godsey]

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I just want to know how a legend like "LA chris" Chris Baltimore is not spoken of. This Italian grew up in the hood and was the badest cat i ever saw. I heard he was booted out of Cali. Has anyone else heard about him

Posted by: Brandon | Oct 30, 2008 8:57:24 PM

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