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Friday, December 7, 2007

CrimProf Spotlight: Yale Kamisar

Kamisary This week the CrimProf Blog spotlights University of San Diego School of Law CrimProf Yale Kamisar.

Professor Yale Kamisar is the Clarence Darrow Distinguished   University Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan Law   School and, since 2002, a tenured professor of law at USD. He   teaches and writes in the areas of criminal procedure, criminal   law, the administration of criminal justice and the politics of   crime. Known as the “Father of Miranda,” he is one of the nation’s   foremost authorities on criminal procedure, having written   a large number of the seminal articles and texts on the subject,   many of which have been quoted or cited by the U.S. Supreme   Court. 

Kamisar is author of Police Interrogations and   Confessions (University of Michigan Press) and co-author   of two widely-used casebooks: Constitutional Law: Cases, Comments & Questions (1st ed. 1964, 9th ed. 2001, West Publishing   Co.) (with William B. Locklear, Jesse H. Choper, Steven Shiffrin   and Richard Fallon) and Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments & Questions (1st ed. 1965, 10th ed. 2002, West Publishing   Co.) (with Wayne LaFave, Jerold Israel and Nancy King). Since   the mid-1960’s  Kamisar’s special interest has been   police interrogation and confessions.

He has also been a vigorous   defender of the “exclusionary rule” against attacks by courts   and scholars. In addition,  Kamisar is a noted expert   on issues related to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.   In 1996 he was awarded the American Bar Foundation Award   for his lifetime contributions to research and writing in law   and government. [Mark Godsey]

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