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Friday, November 9, 2007

CrimProf Weekly Spotlight: Michael Moore

Mmoore This week, the CrimProf Blog spotlights University of Illinois College of Law CrimProf Michael Moore

One of the country's most prominent authorities on the intersection of law and philosophy, Professor Moore joined the faculty in 2002 as the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Chair, the first university-wide chair for University of Illinois' three campuses. He is jointly appointed as Professor of Law in the College of Law and as Professor of Philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He also holds an appointment as a Professor with the Center for Advanced Studies, an honor bestowed on faculty on the basis of their outstanding scholarship and among the highest forms of campus recognition. Professor Moore is just the second UI law school faculty member to hold such an appointment.

Before coming to Illinois, Professor Moore served as the Warren Distinguished Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Institute for Law and Philosophy at the University of San Diego. From 1989-2000, he was the Leon Meltzer Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, where he co-founded and directed the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Law and Philosophy.

Over the course of his career, he also has been a Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and the University of Kansas. In addition, he has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, Northwestern University Law School, Stanford Law School, the University of Iowa Schools of Law and Medicine, Tel Aviv University, di Tella University in Buenos Aires, and the Universität Erlangen in Germany.

He has held a number of fellowships, including those in the Law and Humanities Program of Harvard University and the Humanities Research Institute of the University of California. From January-June 2002 and again in the spring of 2004, he was a Visiting Research Fellow in the Law Program of Australian National University's Research School of Social Sciences in Canberra, Australia.

In addition to eight books, Moore has published some 60 major articles, which have appeared in the country's top law reviews including Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Cornell, as well as peer reviewed journals in philosophy and psychiatry. He is the author of Placing Blame, a General Theory of the Criminal Law (Oxford University Press, 1997), widely regarded as the leading modern statement of the retributivist theory of punishment and of that theory's systematic application to criminal law doctrine. In Act and Crime: The Philosophy of Action and its Implications for Criminal Law (Oxford University Press, 1993), Moore provided a unified theory of action that underlies English and American criminal jurisprudence. Earlier in his career, he authored Law and Psychiatry: Rethinking the Relationship (Cambridge University Press, 1984), which explored, in detail, the tension that often exists between legal and mental health theories.

Professor Moore has presented more than 150 lectures and papers in law, jurisprudence, political theory, legal philosophy, political science and economics, philosophy, psychology, and psychiatry to audiences in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is a member of several philosophical and legal associations, and has served on the board of editors for Legal Theory, the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, the Buffalo Criminal Law Review, and as Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Law and Philosophy.

He regularly rotates his law teaching between first-year courses of criminal law, torts, contracts, property, and constitutional law, and upper-year courses in jurisprudence and legal philosophy. In philosophy he teaches undergraduate courses in the philosophy of law and political philosophy, and he teaches graduate seminars in ethics, the theory of action, and the metaphysics of causation. [Mark Godsey]

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