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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CrimProf Chris Slobogin Discusses the Difficulties for the Jury

SlobFrom University of Florida CrimProf Chris Slobogin recently commented on the unfairness of judging a jury decision with regard to a case in which there were close to 30 pages of jury instructions and about 15 hours of deliberations in deciding whether Richard Henderson Jr. was insane when he killed four family members in 2005.

CrimProf Slobogin said it is unfair to criticize a jury unless people are familiar with all the evidence in a case.

"My guess is the public reads about the offense and thinks this is the perfect candidate for the death penalty, but they don't have access to his background, his mental state and other mitigating factors," Slobogin said. "This jury did and balanced the mitigators against the aggravators and decided this isn't the worst of the worst." Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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