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Sunday, May 20, 2007

CrimProf Laurie Levenson Explains How Lying Defendants Hurt Themselves

Levenson From Loyola Law School CrimProf Laurie Levenson recently explained the problem with lying defendants with regard to Vincent Brothers case in which the Deputy District Attorney Lisa Green argued to jurors that Brothers lied to them 41 times in his testimony in his trial concerning the murders of his wife, child, and mother-in-law.

Brothers testified he got into a crash with a boy on a bicycle in Columbus, Ohio, on the same day in July 2003 that his wife, Joanie Harper; their three children, Marques, Lyndsey and Marshall; and Joanie Harper's mother, Earnestine were killed in Bakersfield.

That was the biggest lie of all, Green said in court, after finding the man she believes was really in that crash and convincing him to testify.

Lying is poison to a defendant's credibility, legal experts agree.

"When the defendant comes off badly, he is not just seen as a killer, but a killer and a liar -- a man with basically no conscience." said Loyola Law School CrimProf Laurie Levenson. Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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