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Friday, March 23, 2007

Fitzgerald's Justice Ranking Rankles Chicagoans

Morning Edition, March 21, 2007 · U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, fresh from the Libby trial, shows up on a Justice Department's list of prosecutors who had not distinguished themselves. His fellow Chicagoans say that ranking is nonsense.  Listen to NPR report here.

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I'm a loyal GOP'er, but Gonzo is not a leader and is probably the poorest AG ever. Ashcroft was controversial, but even my most liberal friends miss Ashcroft. Gonzo has the spine of a bannana and his "yes men" (McNulty, Moschella, and the chicky-babe taking the 5th) - have taken DOJ so far backwards that BIA is feeling a lot better about itself.

Gonzo has never separated himself from being POTUS' advisor role to being the AG. There are so many great folks in DOJ, but they are being led by the biggest bunch of buffoons.

Posted by: Deuce | Mar 26, 2007 7:54:37 PM

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