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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CrimProf George Dix Criticizes Texas Proposed Stand Your Ground Bill

GdixsgFrom the University of Texas CrimProf George Dix recently criticized Texa's New bill that would allow private citizens to take whatever means necessary to defend their lives and property from criminal intrusion — including the use of deadly force. The state legislature is currently considering the bill

The proposed law, which is likely to breeze through the state Legislature later this session, would protect private citizens from criminal prosecution or civil liability if they kill or injure an intruder threatening their home, business or vehicle. Currently, law only allows a property owner to use deadly force if all other ways of escaping the intruder have been exhausted.

Cases like this demonstrate that the “stand your ground” bill is an unnecessary piece of legislation, said CrimProf George Dix.

“I find it hard to believe that any Texas grand jury would indict someone who could legitimately claim self defense,” he said. “When you’re thinking about whether to shoot someone or not, I don’t think you’re considering the letter law.” Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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