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Monday, March 12, 2007

CrimProf David Moran Explains Problems With Foreign Witnesses

Moran_4From Wayne State University CrimProf David Moran recently explained the difficulties in returning a foreign witness to the United States for trial.

"Foreign witnesses can only get here voluntarily," said CrimProf David Moran. "You can transmit a subpoena to somebody overseas and ask him or her to show up, but it's up to them."

In those cases, federal authorities would help provide a subpoena to foreign officials, who would give it to the witness, Moran said.

Stephen Grant called the family's 19-year-old German nanny Verena Dierkes several times on the night police say he killed his wife, according to phone records.

Investigators questioned her about the wife Tara Grant's disappearance before Dierkes returned to Germany on Feb. 20. At that time, investigators had not yet secured the phone records, a source said.On March 2, police found Tara Grant's torso in the family garage. Stephen Grant, 37, was charged with first degree murder Tuesday after police say he admitted strangling his wife with his hands, dismembering her at his father's shop and scattering her remains in Stony Creek Metropark.

Rest of Article. . . [Mark Godsey]

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