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Friday, January 19, 2007

Beware, Jaywalking Academics Are Coming to a Crosswalk Near You

Here's a funny editorial on jaywalking called Too Cocky for the Cross-walk: Jaywalking Academics are a Threat to National Security. It's based on a ridiculous incident out of Atlanta where a British historian was tackled to the ground, arrested, and detained 8 hours for jaywalking. (Video interview on YouTube here). Did you know that "recreational jaywalking is up 20 percent over the last decade and addiction has skyrocketed? These statistics are particularly unnerving in the light of a "totally legit" study that proved jaywalking is a "gateway misdemeanor." As jaywalkers mature, they turn to more destructive criminal behavior, like walking a dog without a leash, backing the family car out of the driveway or conducting domestic wiretaps without a warrant." Read the full "story" here. . . [Michele Berry]

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