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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Harvard CrimProf Charles Ogletree Earns Inaugural Rosa Parks Award

OgletreeCongratulations to Harvard CrimProf Charles Ogletree, who was recently named the first ever recipient of the Rosa Parks Award, given by the city of Boston.  Mayor Thomas Menino presented the award as part of the city's African American Achievement Awards for black history month.  "I'm deeply honored to receive the inaugural Rosa Parks Award from the city of Boston and Mayor Menino," Ogletree said. "Rosa Parks sat down, in protest, so that people like me, generations later, could stand up, and fight for justice and equality."

Throughout his legal career, Professor Ogletree has focused on issues of civil rights and justice.  In September, he launched the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice to study issues of racial injustice. He has written exstensively about civil rights and is the author of two books that examine Brown v. Board of Education--"Brown at 50: The Unfinished Legacy" and "All Deliberate Speed."  The newly formed CHH Institute will sponsor research, hold conferences, research policies, and promote partnerships to explore topics related to race and justice. 

Congratulations to Professor Ogletree on his award and his many contributions. [Mark Godsey]

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Emory Law School Adds Two New Clinics

EmoryThe law school’s Indigent Criminal Defense and Juvenile Justice Clinics will begin in the fall semester 2006. The Criminal Defense Clinic is a joint project with the Office of the DeKalb County Public Defender. Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic will work directly with clients and will participate in courses taught by O’Connor. They will have the opportunity to represent criminal defendants, primarily in misdemeanor cases, in DeKalb County.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic is a unit of the Law School's Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic. Waldman will develop the Juvenile Justice course, teach fundamentals of juvenile law and litigation, interview and represent children. Also, she will supervise certified legal interns who represent children in delinquency and other proceedings – providing advocacy in the areas of school discipline, special education, mental health, and public benefits. More details on the clinics here. [Mark Godsey]

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Monday, March 6, 2006

Dershowitz Examines the Legal Questions of Preemptive War

If U.S. officials overhear talk of a planned murder or rape while eavesdropping on a telephone call under President George W. Bush's domestic spying program, what can they do -- within the law -- to stop it?  "We wouldn't know where to look to find the law because there is no law," said celebrated criminal defense lawyer and Harvard CrimProf Alan Dershowitz.  "Plainly we would not want them to ignore it" but no laws have been written to govern how the information can be used in court, he said.

In his new book, "Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways," Dershowitz supports preventive counter-terrorism measures -- from wiretapping to profiling, mass inoculation, targeted extrajudicial killings and preemptive military action -- to head off attacks by suicide bomber and other terrorists. But he says the Bush administration is bending the rules by failing to draw legal boundaries around those measures. Never shy of controversy, Dershowitz is sending each U.S. Senator and Congressman a copy of his book to spur debate on the issue. More from . . [Mark Godsey]

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Secret Criminal Dockets in Federal Court

Thousands of criminal cases remain sealed after disposition in the federal system, AP reports.  Many of the secret cases involve cooperating witnesses.

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Husband Killer Represents Herself at Retrial

Susan Polk, charged with murdering her husband (a psychologist who met Susan when she was his 15 year old patient) is representing herself at her second trial.  The first ended in a mistrial.  Jury selection is underway. [Jack Chin

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Real Life "Training Day": Feds Indict LA Law Enforcement Robbery Ring

Story here. [Jack Chin]

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Bernard Harcourt v. William Bratton on Broken Windows

A recent Boston Globe article reports on the work of Bernard Harcourt and Jens Ludvig debunking the :broken windoes" policing hypothesis; William Bratton, LAPD Chief, responds in the National Review.

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