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Monday, December 11, 2006

On Campus Recruiting for Cyber-Crime Gangs

From psfk:  According to a report conducted by Mcafee, the recent boom in cyber crime is forcing criminals to go to great lengths to recruit skilled hackers.  The report claims that cyber crime gangs, who have the inclination and criminal skills no longer have the technological know-how to keep up and are being forced to recruit younger, tech-savvy students to carry out their cyber biddings.

These cyber gangs are recruiting the next generation of techies by sponsoring students through their IT degree, with the expectation that they will bring their 'unique skill set' back to the gang after graduation. Hyping up the glamours hacker lifestyle (as seen in this movie) is apperantly also a favored tactic for the criminal recruiters when reaching out to the younger kids.  Rest of article....[Mark Godsey]

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